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Facebook, the social networking giant, is all set to step into the world of online real money gambling with its first offering of online bingo games. This decision has been in the pipeline for some time now and speculation was rife when exactly it would be announced. The rumors started after Facebook allowed casino sites to open pages on the social networking site.

Real Money Online Bingo for UK Players

Although the games have already been launched on Facebook, it will commence full operations in the beginning of next week. At of now, Facebook will offer real money online bingo games only to UKplayers. The key reasons for this are that bingo is already one of the favorite pastimes, with bingo jackpot tournaments and other promotions, and the game is also well-regulated in the country.

This is just the beginning as the leading social networking giant has plans to launch slot games within the next few weeks. The games can be availed only by players who are above the legal age limit. Players will have an opportunity to win cash prizes on the online bingo games.

Joint Venture between Gamesys and Facebook

Gamesys is one of the leading online gambling operators in theUK. When the time came for choosing a software partner, Facebook took the logical decision and opted for Gamesys. According to the Head of Gaming for Facebook in Middle East, Europe andAfrica, Julien Codorniou, Gamesys was the first and obvious choice. The software provider will bring superior gambling technology and Facebook will provide the audience.

Codorniou further stated that gambling is a favorite pastime in theUKand Facebook hopes to make the game an exciting social experience. With its features of chat forums, bingo is the perfect online gambling launch game for Facebook. The vast audience that Facebook is privy to, will ensure the exposure of the concept.

Legal Issues Block Facebook Efforts in the US

Although Facebook is primarily based in theUS, it cannot offer online bingo real money games due to ongoing legal issues. Towards the end of last year, the US Department of Justice amended its ruling on the Wire Act and declared that save for sports betting, all other forms of online gambling are legal. Online casino operators and players were ecstatic at the news and hoped for a federal legislation for regulating online gambling.

However, not much has happened since then and US states are preparing to launch intra-state gambling as there is no sign of a federal bill being passed anytime soon. This is still conjecture, which makes offering real money online bingo games in theUSillegal. To avoid legal hassles, Facebook has decided to release their games in theUKfirst. With time, if the situation improves for the better in theUS, the networking giant will expand their gambling operations.

Facebook in Talks to Offer a Variety of Table Games

The online gambling market is highly competitive and no one understands this better than Facebook. To ensure that it competes on an even level with other sites that offer bingo promotions, Facebook plans to offer a variety of other casino games such as roulette and blackjack as well. It is in talks with other online casino companies to find the optimum way to expand its offerings.

The largest gaming partner of Facebook, Zynga, is another leading gambling operator that is poised to enter the online real money gambling arena. By the beginning of next year, the gaming operator hopes to launch a variety of casino games such as slots, bingo and poker games.

Facebook Bingo App Causes Unrest with Christian Groups

The bingo application of Facebook, called Bingo Friendzy, has already created a controversy within a few hours of its launch. The app, developed by UK-based Gamesys, has been condemned by Christian Groups for exposing children to harmful elements and encouraging them to try the game.

The cartoon animation in the app includes characters that are being associated with the well-known children’s social network, Moshi Monsters. According to the Director of Communications,MethodistChurch, Toby Scott, such an advertisement is in obvious violation of the rules of Gambling Advertising as dictated by the Advertising Standards Authority.

According to the rules, the advertisements or characters in the gambling applications should not reflect the present youth culture or appeal to young persons or children. Although Facebook has claimed that the games can be played only by users who are above the legal age limit, there are, supposedly, no ways to verify whether this is being enforced.

For some, this is a validation of why online gambling should not be legalized. Some of the major cons advocated by critics are the proliferation of underage gambling and gambling addiction. The social networking giant is known to have over a million users who are under the legal age limit. By the development of characters that appeal to children in the online bingo real money app, Facebook and Gamesys have attracted the wrath of several anti-gambling and Christian groups.

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