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Online real money bingo is one of the favorite casino games and pastimes in theUK. The games are simple, fun and offer exciting cash prizes and bonuses. One of the reasons why the game is well-played on casino sites is that it does not require any type of skill or strategy. At the same time, the games are regulated and players can take advantage of the myriad of promotions offered by several sites.

Social networks are the easiest ways to garner player attention. They offer players a chance to connect with people and other sites from all over the world through the internet. This factor alone makes it one of the most useful promotional tools for bingo sites which have taken to several leading social networks to promote their games and keep in touch with their players. The most important factor about having a credible presence on social networks is that it requires constant updates and maintenance.

Share and Like with Facebook

Facebook is one of the largest and most widely-known social networks in cyberspace today. The US-based company was one of the first that introduced the concept of connecting with people and creating networks of their own with friends and acquaintances.

Several bingo sites have created pages on the social network to stay in better touch with its players. This is also one of the best ways to introduce the new promotions, such as cash-back and free bet offers, and games on the bingo sites. All that is required is to post an update with the details of the games or promotions and players who have subscribed to the page will receive it. Members will ‘like’ the page if they find the information useful and exciting.

Cheeky Bingo is one of the bingo sites that have a prolific presence on the leading social network. The page has almost 21,000 members and entertains them with fun and unique updates with quizzes and competitions. Cheeky Bingo has succeeded in creating an innovative page that provides information about the recent happenings on the bingo site but on other issues as well. This allows the site to not only forge business relations with its members but also friendships as well.

Foxy Bingo is another bingo site that has a lucrative page on Facebook. The site’s page has more than 20,000 members and includes regular updates and information about the new features, games and promotions at the site. Members also participate in the promotional competitions held at regular intervals on its Facebook page.

Follow Bingo Sites on Twitter

Twitter is one of the recent entrants to the social media network and is fast becoming one of the most widely-used. It allows people to ‘follow’ the pages of other individuals or companies that permit members to view and comment, or ‘tweet’, on the content posted on the page.

This type of social networking is ideal for small and fast interactions and is a highly advantageous tool when it comes to announcing promotions and important news. Although not as popular with the masses as Facebook, Twitter is slowly and steadily emerging as a strong competitor for it.

One of the bingo sites that use Twitter extensively is Gala Bingo, which offers its followers the opportunity to ‘re-tweet’ on its page. The site has managed to create and maintain a strong relationship with its players by tweeting them about non-bingo matters. Players are wished good luck and interacted with on a personal level. The key reason for the success of Gala Bingo’s page is that it also manages to reply to every one of its 6000 plus members who post comments on it.

Share Videos on Youtube

Youtube is a highly successful Google offering and allows users to share videos of advertisements and promotional clippings. One of the reasons that can be attributed to its success is that the site allows users to create a link between the video and their Twitter or Facebook account. So it does not require users to actually visit the site to see the video.

By subscribing to a Facebook page or following a company on Twitter, members can view the videos posted by the bingo sites. Youtube is an effective platform for showcasing new games and promotional offers. However, for all its effectiveness, the video-sharing platform is rarely used by bingo sites.

This is mainly because companies cannot create a page for themselves on the site. This makes sorting through the large collection of videos and finding the right one a tiring task. Nevertheless, Youtube is used for video adverts by a few bingo sites as it is an interesting way to garner the interest of players.

Foxy Bingo, a bingo site that offers special weekly promotions, utilizes the global platform offered by Youtube and posts advertisement videos on a regular basis to both, keep in touch with players through a unique manner and provide information in an exciting way. The bingo site especially uses Youtube to announce new promotional deals on special occasions such as the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty the Queen this year.

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