Ladbrokes Releases New Online Bingo Promotion – Laddie’s Football Freebies

Ladbrokes has released new online bingo promotions which includes an offer that will interest bingo players who also enjoy betting on football. Called Laddie’s Football Freebies, the offer started on June 1st and will go on till July 1st. It gives players the chance to bet on the outcomes of Euro 2012. Through this, they can get free tickets and spend-matches which can be used to play through to the finals of the football tournament.

Five Stages of the Offer 

The online bingo room at Ladbrokes has categorized the promotion according to the events that will take place at the football match.

Stage 1 – The Build Up: The first stage will be conducted between 1st and 7th June. The kick-off was on June 1st, and the final whistle will be on the 7th of the month. Players will have to choose two teams they think will be most likely to win. If they are right, triple the points will be credited to their account on the last day of the final. The teams that can be chosen for this stage are Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, France and England. Ladbrokes Bingo has also provided a Wild Card option which can be selected in case players feel that an outside team has a better chance of winning than the teams on the site. 

Stage 2 – Groups:

  • On 8th and 9th June, the site will provide a 50% match based on qualifying players’ levels in the site’s rewards program.
  • On 10th, 14th and 18th; and 11th, 15th and 19th June, players will get 1000 as rewards points on spending £30 on Clover Rollover and George and the Dragon respectively.
  • On 12th and 13th, players can win free games on football games in Ladbrokes’ chat rooms.
  • On 16th and 17th June, the site will offer a bonus back of 10% on stakes of £20 on bingo games

Stage 3 – The Quarter-Finals: The next stage in the promotion is between 21st (kick off) and 24th June (final whistle). On the days of the kick off and final whistle, the bingo site will give 25% bonus back on losses in bingo games if Ireland or England are in the quarter finals and if players spend at least £20 on games. In the same stage of the offer, players can get 10% bonus back on 21st June on losses if either team is not in the quarter finals. The return will be provided in case of the same situation on 1st July.

Stage 4 – The Semi-Finals: On 27th and 28th June, the fourth stage of the promotion will commence. In case Ireland or England makes it to the semi-finals, the site will give 50% bonus back on losses. On 1st July and 27th June, the bonus back will be 10% – if either team is not in the semi-finals. The same conditions as those for the third stage apply for this stage.

Stage 5 – The Finals: The offer for 1st July is a 100% return on all losses in bingo games in case players spend £20.

To avail each offers from the second, third, fourth and fifth stages of the event, players will have to use a bonus code, which will be provided on the promotions page at the site.

How to pick the teams 

To pick the teams, players will have to visit Ladbrokes Bingo and go to its promotions page. Laddie’s Football Freebies will be featured on the page. On selecting it, they will be taken to the page with promotion details. Players will have to choose the stage of the football event they want to play for. Based on this, they will get to choose two teams through the ‘Pick Teams’ option.

Escape from the Football Fever by Playing at the Ladbrokes Lounge 

For players who want to escape from the football fever at Ladbrokes, the site has created the Lounge. It is a football free zone where players can enjoy bingo games exclusively. The Lounge opens every time a football match for Euro 2012 takes place. Between 8th and 15th June, the Lounge will be open from 17:00-22:00 hours. From 16th to 19th June, 21st to 24th June, 27th to 28th June and on 1st July, Ladbrokes will open the room between 19:30 and 23:00 hours.

During these hours, players will get access to free games. The online bingo room also provides the option of upgrading free tickets to tickets for Superbooks before the game begins. To qualify for the games, players should have a bingo chat name registered with Ladbrokes Bingo. Players are not required to make a deposit to start playing the games. Only those residing in the UK and Ireland will be allowed to play the games. To start playing the free games, players will have to register for the promotion.

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